Sunday, January 2, 2022

There hasn't been a blog since last year!

 Hi friends! I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years. I hope everyone was safe and was able to celebrate with those close to them. I was lucky to celebrate with both my mom and dad this year. I also got to decorate some cookies with my cousin who goes to school in Alabama and so that was fun getting to spend some time with her. I love Christmas time, the sparkly lights, everyone filled with a sense of hope, and just the amount of hot chocolate we get to drink. It really is one of my favorite times of year, so I am so excited to write this month's blog about UTA. I am so thankful for you all supporting me in ministry, I appreciate you all. 

My cousin Morgan and I decorating cookies
at my grandmas house 

Sweet Friendships 

I have really been so lucky during this break to get to spend some time with my old friends in Plano. I have been challenged as I have moved to Arlington in maintaining my friendships. I love them a lot and it has been so sweet watching them be so intentional with me and just constantly pursuing me. I really value having people who I know really know me and that I can go to with any me, and these goobers are it. 
This is from our Very Mieri Guy Fieri Christmas Party 

Core Update! 

Me, Jacob, Austin
TCC Core 
I have been lucky to lead two cores this year! My core at TCC is so fun, it is mostly guys, but I am excited to see what Austin and I get to do next semester and how God just continues to be faithful with that campus. I am also just so excited with how my core at UTA is going. They are becoming friends, and just really starting to see how God can really have a deep impact on their life. It is really cool! I also just love getting to lead with Hailey, my cofa! She is so sweet, and fun! She is easy to be around and loves Jesus. 

Hailey, Ashley, Jen, Caroline, Me 
UTA Core 

One on One's

I feel so honored to get to study the bible as my job! FOCUS does an incredible job of providing tools and resources to help make it more accessible and understandable. I remember my freshman year going through the study of FOCUS on Jesus and just being so amazed at how much I didn't know about Jesus and who he was. Not necessarily what he did while he was here, but just the character he has and his heart for people. I think that is something I find so impactful about the study, it really has a way of getting students to connect with who Jesus is at his heart and how we can grow in being like him. I was lucky to get to study and finish the 10-12 week study right before Christmas. It is now online on our website so they are just holding up the last page of the study on their phones! 

Caroline from Core! Love meeting with her 
and seeing her learn of the truth of Jesus 

This is BAILEY! We get to share our names 
and our love of Jesus every Friday!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for safety of our students and staff for Winter Camp and as we go into the Spring Semester, this new variant spreads very easily and with our camp coming up please be praying. 
  • For the apprentices and I as we enter our second semester of ministry and that we continue to find joy and hope. 
  • Then just for mental health across all campuses

Student Testimony 

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