Tuesday, February 1, 2022

January Blog Updates

 Hi friends and family! I am so excited to be updating you guys again on another exciting month of ministry. It feels like this month flew by, there was so many great things that were happening, and even more exciting things coming up that I can't wait to share with you all. I am super thankful for the prayers you guys have prayed for our team and campuses. We could not be doing what we do without you guys doing what you do. I am so grateful for y'all! 

Winter Camp 

Students worshipping together at camp

We met for the first time for Winter Camp this year at Sky Ranch with a guest speaker Rikk Watts. He is a seminary professor who teaches in Canada at Regent College, and is also who we are listening too for our lectures this semester for New Testament. It was a huge blessing and one that we weren't sure even on the day of if we were going to be able to have due to Covid-19. God made a way for us though as he consistently does. We haven't had camp since January 2020, and so this was such a cool thing for some of students who have never even been before to experience. It was also so cool getting to go for me as this was where I really felt God start to transform my heart. 

Back on the Campus

So students are kind of half on the campus and half at home still because UTA did online until February 4th. It has still been pretty cool to seen a lot of our students showing up still for Thursday Night Fellowship. It has been so fun continuing to minister and reach out to students. We are finishing a series on evangelism this week right before the rest of the students come home as a way to light a fire in their hearts to meet the rest of those students and invite them into a relationship with Jesus. 

Peer Team 
Corefa Gals hanging out

Our first TNF back   

Tarrant County College SE

Our core is still growing at TCC, and it is so exciting because we finally got approved for a permanent room! So with that means advertising and a permanent location so students can find us easier. I am so excited so definitely be praying for us as we continue to plant and grow on this campus. 

Spring Showcase 

 To purchase a ticket go to 

Spring Showcase is an annual event that helps to raise money for our students going to Student Institute of Campus Ministry in Washington. This past year it was held in Texas due to Covid so you may remember seeing some pictures in August of students at SICM. This showcase helps student raise money to get to SICM. There are performances of all kind such as singing, dancing, musical improv. They are auditioned and it is a high quality show. Both times either 2:30 or 6:30 is the same show so it is whichever time works best for your schedule. In between the shows there is an artisan market where there will be handmade pottery, woodworking, and other various art made from some of our pastors and students to purchase! 


* One of my family friends recently lost her husband, if you could be praying for her, and then also the rest of their family 
*Our students as they return to campus this week that they are protected and they can stay safe 
* That showcase goes well and our students raise enough money to go learn more about how to be effective ministers on the college campus 

Student Highlight


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