Friday, September 2, 2022

September Ministry Updates


Welcome Week 

The first week back of school is called Mav Stampede! It is such an exciting time with meeting lots of students! We did tabling everyday, and gave away coffee, popsicles, and donuts! 

Here is Austin Maving Up on the first day of school which it rained all day, and we provided coffee and stickers for students! 
This is a photo from the first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year! We had close to 120 students who came together worshipping God, then to hear a sermon from Sarah one of the campus pastors! It was such a neat thing to see and be apart of. 

Here are two of our corefas Alisa and Lizzy
who helped with tabling! 

Exciting Moments 

My sweetie bestie girl Hailey got baptized! It was just so exciting and I am so proud of her! 

We invited a bunch of students from FOCUS to Arlington Central Church and hosted them for pizza after! It was so fun, and many new students got to experience a new church nearby the college! 

This is the leader team for my Tarrant County College Core SE! It is so exciting, we planted there last year and now we have a leader team there! SO SO EXCTING! 

This is Sarah and I from staff retreat, she is my supervisor again, and also just a dear friend! How beautiful is that sunset? 

Housekeeping things

If you are planning on giving monthly and haven't set that up please text me and we can work it out! 

Also over the summer we have been dealing with a situation with someone who stole some checks out of our mailbox, we have since set up a PO Box and are putting even more security in place. If you gave a check from May - July and believe it to be cashed, or think it was maybe stolen please message me so that we can talk through the solution so you can get that money back. All banks should be insured through the FDIC which should protect you in this case.  I do need you to contact me and I will be contacting you as well! Thank you so much! 

I am so grateful for all of you for partnering with me this year, and can't wait to keep you updated! 

Prayer Requests 

  • New students are connected into cores and find deep meaningful friendships 
  • Our campus pastors are able to meet and get to know all the new students 
  • Protection from any sicknesses and to stay healthy 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

August Ministry Updates

 Hi friends and family, I am so excited to be writing this months update. I have so many new and fun updates and some prayer requests to share with you all. It has been a pretty relaxed month, but God has continuously shown me his goodness in so many ways. 

Summer FOCUS 

Each Summer, we have all of campuses come together in Richardson at a church on Thursday Nights for a sermon, praise and worship, and then afterwards there is time for fellowship. It is such an exciting time and a highlight of my week for sure! The students of Arlington get to meet new students,  I get to catch up with friends at other campuses, and and then getting to worship together in our larger community that stretches across the DFW metroplex. Here is a video from worship a few weeks ago! 


One of my closest friends Caroline Valnes (now) got married! I met her my freshman year of college through FOCUS. I then had the honor to be one of her bridesmaids, almost 7 years later. 

Summer Orientations

This is one of our future CoreFa's McKendry! 
The students and our staff have been working UTA's transfer, freshman, and veteran orientations as a way to meet incoming students. We have met so many new students. Two girls are already coming to Summer FOCUS! I am so excited to meet even more! 

Arlington Central Church

Bowling Event 

These are just some of the women at ACC and I love all of them! I have been going to this church since moving to Arlington, it is apart of the family of churches that supports FOCUS. 

I have been offered the role of helping develop the children's ministry there and I am SO EXCITED. Those that know me and my background know this is right up my alley. If you could be praying for me as I help to develop the curriculum, and work alongside the parents.  

Fundraising Update 


This upcoming Sunday is our licensing ceremony. It is when our staff recommits to our students and to the church. You are all welcome to attend and hear the commitments we make and celebrate with us following! I attached the graphic with the address and the information, if you are out of state or out of town, but would like to attend it will be streamed starting at 6:00 PM at 

Also we have shirts for sale if anyone is interested in purchasing a FOCUS shirt! I have already ordered a berry, but will probably get both! You could match with me and all our college students. 

Prayer Requests

  • Our students return to school August 22, help pray that their first few weeks are smooth and successful 
  • Our welcome week events are fruitful and we get to have good conversations with students 
  • We have had a harder time booking rooms for TNF this year than normal, please pray we continue to have a good relationship with the campus and that the rooms we need open up! 
  • Pray that as August approaches that our staff can get fully fundraised 

Thursday, July 7, 2022

July Ministry Updates

WOAH! How is it July already? This summer is flying by so quickly! Thank you guys so much for being on my support team and praying for me this summer. Summer is a bit more of a relaxing season. I have been getting to spend some time with my family, reading a new book, and working on my fundraising. I have been so thankful for the much slower pace at the moment. 

Slowing my Pace 

I have been working this summer on trying to have a slower pace, not have to be in control of so many things, and wanting to really have my life reflect who Jesus is in all my interactions. I have been going on many walks with God at this trail near my apartment. I have also been reading this book by John Mark Comer, who is an incredible author. He also wrote Live No Lies which is a great book, I would highly recommend.

Family Time

I was very lucky that I got to go to Montana this month and spend time with my dad! The main purpose was my BROTHER GOT MARRIED! It was such a fun ceremony, and reception. I also got to officiate the wedding which was so crazy to me that he even asked me. I felt so honored and so proud. I am so excited for him! 

Sweet Moments 

This summer I have been able to hang out with some of the girls that are still in town, which is why we have sweet Morgan sitting and trying to balance on my foam roller! 

At my church we celebrated Fathers Day and this is one of the dads! I love this family a lot and I just think this is so sweet 

I have also got to participate in some pre wedding fun with my sweet friend Caroline! She is marrying my friend Stian on July 17th so be praying for their wedding! 

Fundraising Update 

I wanted to thank everyone so much for continuing to partner with me in ministry this upcoming school year. You have been so generous with prayers, sharing posts on Facebook, and reaching out to other people that may be interested in college ministry. I am so grateful for each of you, I wanted to give a fundraising update and ask that you guys be praying for people to catch the vision of college ministry. I am currently looking for 13 more people to partner with me at 100 dollars a month. Anything is helpful whether $5 a month or a one time donation. So if you know if of anyone who may be interested in hearing about what God is doing on the college campuses in Arlington, please send them my way! 

Prayer Requests 

  • Our staff fundraising right now 
  • Our students as they are in different areas
  • The students who we haven't met yet, but we will during welcome week 

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Wrapping up the Year!

 Hi friends and family, we have officially wrapped up the school year! This also means the apprenticeship has officially ended. It has been a whirlwind of ten months. I am so thankful for every minute of it, and so grateful for the way you have generously supported me as a minister and friend. I want to share some special moments from this past month that helped us wrap up the year! 

End of Year Party 

We celebrated the end of year with worship music, photos, and a yummy dinner! We put together a Kahoot based off of things that happened this year that would be funny for the students to answer. It was a total blast, and a great way to kick off summer! 

Hailey and Emily

      I have had the joy of getting to meet with these wonderful women each Friday this year. Hailey  is my cofa ( we lead bible study). She is so steadfast, funny, and just such a  light to whoever she meets. I have absolutely loved getting to be her friend.  

    Emily Spencer is our peer team leader, so she not only mentors us, but other girls who are also corefas. She is such a genuine person, who is so fun to be around. She also would always make us dinner whenever we had peer team meetings. I am so thankful for both of these girls!

Hailey and I! 

Emily, Hailey and I


Exciting Moments 

This past month was filled with so many fun and exciting moments I got to be apart of. I got to visit Nashville and see some of my family, then I got to go to Austin and see some more family, then of my best friends and old roommates got engaged, then I got to make bracelets with some friends who are in our ministry. It was just such a fun filled month! 

Last thoughts

As the apprenticeship has wrapped up, I wanted to take some time and share some of my big takeaways. I have been so grateful for this entire experience. God has definitely used this year to refine me and I am still in that process of being refined. I have learned so much this year about relying on what God thinks about me over what people think about me. God has already called me his child and that is so much more important. I have started this year processing some of my thoughts about eating, weight, and the different struggles I have had with that. I have been blessed with many different peers who are so thoughtful and deeply care for me. This year has been so so incredible. 
If you want to hear more of my takeaways and listen to final sermon from this year you can go to this link

Student Testimony 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our Summer FOCUS series, that our students think deeply and develop friendships 
  • Pray for fundraising, God is always such a good provider, help by praying that we continue to remember that truth! 
  • Pray for our students as they disperse to different places over summer break  

Again I want to thank you all for your generosity over the past ten months, without your generosity this would not be possible. Your donations are a huge reason so many students lives get turned to the beauty of who God is. Without people like you who have caught the vision of college ministry this would not be possible. So thank you so much again, this was an incredible year and you are such a big part of that! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

April Showered Us with Good Times

Hi friends and family! It is hard to believe it has already been a whole month already! I am so excited about this month's updates. It has been just such a blast. I love the springtime, and seeing the wildflowers grow. It is such a pretty season, and living in Texas sometimes the weather is perfect! Do any of you all have a favorite season? Thank you guys so much for reading this update, I am so grateful for all of each and everyone of you guys. 

Meeting New Friends  

Even though the school year is wrapping up we got to participate in some new outreach ideas on TCC and at UTA. The top pic is at UTA with some students in our ministry. It was called pics and pals, and we had 10 different pictures and were asking students what they thought or felt about them. It ranged from nurses during COVID-19 to bleached coral in the Great Barrier Reef. It was a neat way to hear from different students on our campus and what they think about different topics. 

The bottom picture is from TCC at their Arbor Day Festival. It was so cool! I learned that they are recognized as a Tree Campus, which I didn't know was a thing! We were asking students what about trees are they most thankful for. 

Happy Easter 

I am so thankful for the Easter holiday for Jesus rising from the dead and the grace that comes with it. I was lucky to get to spend it with so many people whom I love. My sweet cousin Morgan surprised all of us and drove in from Alabama! A question we asked our students during Easter was how does Jesus being resurrected bring you hope or comfort?  

One thing for me is that Jesus was raised in a bodily resurrection, that provides the comfort and hope that God calls our body good. God created our body's and Jesus being raised in a bodily resurrection affirms the creation of a good body. 

Little Moments 

1. The top left is my roommate Sophie and her cofa Lizzy who is so fun. Sophie took up balloon animals for two weeks and it was so fun! 
2. The bottom left is  Alisa, she studies the bible with Sophie. I have loved getting to know her through hanging out with her every few weeks. She recently got baptized! How exciting for her, she got a crown from Sophie! 
3. The top right, that was Lizzy and Alisa's birthday party. A lot of the women's leader team went to dinner in Fort Worth and it was just so fun! We love those girls. 
4. Bottom right is Juli with baby Lucas. He is a baby at our church, and I LOVE HIM! He is so sweet and we all love holding him. 
5. In the middle we have Lizzy and I at Alisa and Lizzy's birthday! 

Last Updates 

I wanted to let you know that I will be spending the next few months working on fundraising my income so that come school year I can be fully dedicated to boots on the ground ministry with students. I am working on reaching out to you guys and seeing if you are interested in staying on my support team, but also if you know anyone who is interested in college ministry and would be willing to hear from me. Please feel free to send them my way! I am so thankful for the way you all are so faithful in supporting me! I really appreciate you guys! 

Prayer Requests 

  1. My roommates mom unexpectedly passed away this past month, if you could be praying for the family, and just overall healing. 
  2. Prayers for our students as they are going into finals week, that they stay focused on their studies but also remember that their value is not defined by their grades. 
  3. Prayers as we enter summer and many students are heading home and can feel disconnected, they can also be heading home to some harder situations. So just protection 
  4. Prayers for my upcoming fundraising season
  5. We have students traveling for a ministry conference in a couple weeks, prayers for their fundraising and safe travels 

Thursday, March 31, 2022

March Ministry Updates

 Hi friends so excited to update you with what happened this month! Hope you guys are enjoying the nicer weather and are getting excited for summer. Comment down below what you love the most about summer! I am excited to tell you about the many fun and amazing things that God was able to do with our ministry. I am also so thankful for all of you reading these updates and praying for these students. 

Outreach at Tarrant County College 

We were able to do an outreach event at TCC this semester, and it was called "Bad Tattoos". It was so fun and it was based on us using water and those fun press on tattoos. We were able to talk and meet with many different people on campus, and one girl came to our core after the event. In the red sweatshirt is Jacob from core who is helping lead the outreach event. 

Sweet Spring Memories with Fun Friends 

Here is us in Bonham visiting 
Emily's grandmother 
We had some girls over for a movie night
and it was so sweet getting to hang out and socialize! 

My peer team went to visit my peer 
team leaders grandmother and 
it was so sweet! 
A sweet friend from my core 
a few years ago got married!

Exciting News 

I am so excited to also update you guys that I have accepted another 1 year commitment with FOCUS. I will be staying at UTA and working primarily at helping to plant our TCC ministries. I am so so excited and can't wait to see what the Lord does on those campuses, and as I get to continue meeting with the students I am already building relationships with. I would also love to ask if you could prayerfully consider partnering with me for another year whether at the same amount, or consider increasing. I will also be contacting you all in the future to talk to you more about this exciting opportunity. 


  • Could you be praying for students as they enter into the last few weeks of school? 
  • Then also for fundraising for SICM as our students are working to raise support 
  • Praying for our student leaders to finish well in the semester 
  • Then also could be praying for our TCC core to stay connected and build friendships over the rest of the semester and summer.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

February Ministry Updates

Hi friends and family! I can't believe it has already been a month, these 28 days flew by so so fast! I am so grateful for you guys and the work you do, so that I can go out and be on the college campus. I am praying for you all and hope life is treating you well. This month was filled with so many fun events, I can't wait to share them with you. 

Colder Days

At the beginning and the end of the month we had a couple snowy and icy days. I am super grateful I get to live with two of the other apprentices and a student. Then in our apartment complex two other pastors who are married live here so we spent part of our day fellowshipping and sledding. Then we got to take the time to do virtual ministry and do homework for class. My CORE met online, as well as our TCC service. 

Virtual Core on our Icy Day
All of us that live in the same apartment
complex on our snow day 


Our ministry hosts an annual fundraiser to help raise money for our students going to Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM). It is filled with performances from FOCUS Alumni, and current students. This year like all the other years was so fun and showcased some of the many talented people in our community. We had a woman who dressed up like Dolly Parton and performed 9-5, a Guns n Roses tribute to open, and then an amazing Beyonce cover! All of this along with selling art and concessions goes to help raise money for our students. If you are interested in watching the show still and were not able to, you can go to this link below, and watch for free! I would also like to encourage if you feel moved to make a donation to our SICM funds for our students, but 0 pressure. Our ministry is already so grateful for the many ways you already give! 
Myself and some of my
close friends at showcase 

Final Performance from Showcase


I have begun this semester our New Testament Foundations class. It is so exciting! Last semester we read through the entirety of the Old Testament, and we now are reading through the New Testament. One thing that is so unique about this semester is that the theological professor who we listen to lectures of from the seminary college in Canada called Regent. He is zooming in with us for an hour long Q and A every week. This is an incredible opportunity! We get to ask him any questions we have about scripture and theology, it is such a valuable resource. I feel so so lucky that he wants to spend that time with us. 
Our zoom with Professor Rikk Watts top right corner
New Testament Foundations 

Student Spotlight

Prayer Requests 

  • Please let us all be praying for Ukraine that the people are protected, peace, and order are brought into this situation. 
  • Please be praying for my TCC core and that they grow and meet more people 
  • Please be praying for our UTA students to develop a lifestyle of evangelism 
  • Spring Break is coming up, could you be praying for safe travels, health for our students, and that they find rest 

September Ministry Updates

WE ARE BACK IN SCHOOL AND BACK IN ACTION!  Welcome Week  The first week back of school is called Mav Stampede! It is such an exciting time w...