Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February Updates

 Hi friends and family! Hope you are staying warm if you live in the DFW area as everything is covered with ice and snow. This past month was filled with lots of fun and exciting moments with our students that I am so excited to share with you.  We have also started back at school a couple weeks ago, and it has been so busy and so fun!

Winter Retreat 

These are some pics with the UTA girls and our whole group at the bottom right. All of the UTA girls stayed in one cabin together and when we got in the cabin it felt like a family reunion. Also that is my friends baby, and I love him. He and I also got  a picture together at Winter Retreat together last year. 
This is my TCC core! Arisa and I are in matching shirts! She and I study FOJ together and she is so neat. Then in the Gazebo is some of the guys in our core. The bigger group picture is the whole of TCC between NE and SE campuses. It is such a neat thing because we just planted those campuses LAST YEAR. 

Christian History 

   This is a picture from our Christian History class! We have been reading a book by a seminary professor named Iain Provan called Reformation and the Right Reading of Scripture. It is tricky to understand, but really good material!  

Sweet Moments 

It was my roommate Emily's Birthday on January 23rd and we had such a sweet celebration at her parents house. We played cards, had Mexican food, and just hung out all night! It was so sweet! 

Student Spotlight 

McKendry is who I lead Core with at UTA this year! She is graduating in a few months with a degree in nursing, and here we are meeting with our Peer Team Leader Emily Spencer. She is loving, and has a big heart for Jesus. I am super grateful for her! 

Saturday, January 7, 2023

January Updates

Happy New Year! I hope you all had great holidays and got to spend some good time with friends and family. I got some Christmas Cards from you all and they are so sweet. I have them on my fridge still! December is kind of slow ministry wise, but I have some sweet updates on students and our staff! 

Christmas Moments

We had a staff Christmas dinner and the top left photo is of our entire staff. We have grown so much! Then the bottom left is everyone who did the apprenticeship with me last year who stayed on staff. It is such a joy to work with everyone! 

Proud Moments

Two of my closest friends graduated. Caroline graduated with a degree in Biology and Jessica graduated with a degree in Elementary Ed. The four of us on the left met our freshman year in college and have been friends for 7 years. We have been apart of this ministry all together. It is such a neat thing to me, and something I want other girls to experience! 

Sweet Moments Over Break 

Getting to play games over staff retreat with Sarah
Cookie decorating with some sweet girls 
Going to see the musical Six with Sarah, WE SAT IN THE FRONT ROW! 
Kenny and I painting pottery! 

Children's Ministry 

Update on being a Children's Minister as well! I love it, these are two of my sweet kiddos I get to teach and my friend Lizzy who helps me sometimes. This was us talking about Jesus being born. We celebrated with party hats, fruit snacks, and a dance party! We were throwing Jesus a birthday party! It is always so fun! 

Prayer Requests

  • Winter Retreat is next weekend, please pray for it to be a fun weekend and that students remain healthy! 
  • Please be praying for TCC SE, that we meet some students this semester and it grows well this semester 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

December Updates

 Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well, and have been enjoying these beautiful fall trees! I recently read an article my mom posted on Facebook, that was saying the trees are more vibrant this season because of the immense amount of rainfall we received at the end of August. I think that is so neat the way God created nature to do things that way, and I am so grateful because of it. I have loved driving around Arlington lately and seeing all the many different colors! These are the updates from this past month, thank you so much for how generous you guys are to support me and our students in ministry. 

Keep FOCUS Growing 

WOW! We were able to reach our goal! That is only because of the generosity of people like you who have caught the vision of college ministry. I am so thankful for you all! 


My dream since I was 8 years old was to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and I finally got to go this year with my dad, brother, and sister in law! It was so amazing! I even asked a random worker to take a picture with me because she just worked in the parade! I love it so so much! How did you all spend your Thanksgiving? 

Closing out the Semester 

We had our Christmas Party earlier this week! We had a theme of Christmas in Hawaii so you see here Vincent doing our Limbo contest! It was so fun!

Over to the right is our last Thursday Night Fellowship of the year, it was jam packed with lots of worship and a great sermon. We have had an amazing first semester! 

Silly Goofy Ministry Moments 

These are just some silly moments from this month! We filmed our staff Christmas skit, playing games at a Friendsgiving, and then just getting to do some HW and hang out with girlies at a coffee shop. It is never a dull moment and it is always so fun! 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for our students as they go into finals next week 
  • Prayers for our students as they also go home, many struggle with depression and anxiety. Though the break is restful it can lead to many feeling alone, and having a hard time. 
  • We have Winter Retreat coming up in mid January, please pray it goes smoothly and many of our students sign up for it! 

Have a Very Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November Updates

 Happy Fall guys! I am so grateful for you all and for this season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is right around the corner which is for sure my favorite holiday, I love the parade and just getting to be around family. I also enjoyed the spooky season we just went through, and getting to dress up! Let me show you all what are students have been up to. 


If you sent in your donation by mailing a check this summer and it has already been processed can you please double check the endorsement. Over the summer we had  a situation with someone who stole some checks out of our mailbox, we have since set up a PO Box and are putting even more security in place. If you gave a check from May - July and believe it to be cashed, or think it was maybe stolen please message me so that we can talk through the solution so you can get that money back. All banks should be insured through the FDIC which should protect you in this case.  I do need you to contact me or contact our admin team, the best way to do that is email. Email Paul at

Halloween TNF 

We had a Halloween Party after Thursday  Night Fellowship and so everyone came dressed in costume. We did a staff costume of SpongeBob, I was Pearl Krabs.  It was funny getting to see people do announcements, sermons, and sit there with costumes on!


In the right corner is my sweet friend Cassidy who I get to meet up with every Wednesday from core. We were doing a double feature Hocus Pocus movie night at her apartment. She is awesome. 

Then in the bottom left corner is Ashley who I love and feel so lucky to have in my core for two years now. She is also a Swiftie like me! We were partying at the Midnights release party  we put on for our community as an after event! Notice us in our matching T. Swift Cardigans! 

The rest of us are from the joint core we did Monday where we did a mummy fashion contest for Halloween! 

Sweet Ministry Moments 

This is my boss, friend, and just all around great person Sarah! I have been able to meet with her for close to a year and a half now and it just has developed a really sweet friendship. I am just super grateful for getting to spend time with her weekly. 

My roommate and friend get to outreach together about once or twice a month when I am not doing it at TCC. So when we got to do it the last time we stood outside with signs asking people what we could pray over them about! 

These are the cuties I get to do children's ministry with! I am so grateful for them, they keep me on my toes and you can tell just how sweet they are. We just got done learning about the Creation story and Noah and the flood.

Keep Focus Growing 

We have a big fundraiser coming up on November 29th called “Keep FOCUS Growing.”
Some of our donors teamed up and agreed to match up to a total $57,000, so I’m just reaching out to all of my ministry partners to let them know about the opportunity. This campaign funds things like on-campus outreach materials/events, administrative support, staff development, and planting new campuses. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks so much for your support!

Pizza Theology 

Prayer Requests 

  • Students as they are getting ready to go on breaks, some of them don't have great home lives and so just be praying for them 
  • Our staff and that we can keep reaching new students on the campuses
  • We have an event coming up called Pizza Theo, please pray it be successful for our ministry! 

Monday, October 3, 2022

October Ministry Updates


Hi friends and family! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the cooler weather. I am excited for all the leaves to start changing color here in Arlington. Thank you so much for your prayers as this month was an exciting one! 

Fall Camp 

Every year our students go to a camp overnight and they spend time playing games with each other, learning more about Jesus, and just getting to build deeper friendship. Here are some highlights from the weekend! 

This is a reel from our social media account with highlights from the weekend. 

Our group picture, we had about 85-90 students total attend 

Core Updates

This is my core at UTA from Fall Camp, they are awesome! We are missing a couple girls here in the picture. I love how much they are seeking after Jesus, they are so funny, and they just are such sweet friends.
On the right is my core at TCC! This is so so exciting because we just planted last year at TCC SE. This is just some of the people in our core this year. I am just in awe of the way God is moving on this campus and people are getting to make friends and learn about Jesus. 


We got to celebrate a girl in my 
core who had a birthday.

Remember these two! 
They get married this Friday, so exciting! 

Friday, September 2, 2022

September Ministry Updates


Welcome Week 

The first week back of school is called Mav Stampede! It is such an exciting time with meeting lots of students! We did tabling everyday, and gave away coffee, popsicles, and donuts! 

Here is Austin Maving Up on the first day of school which it rained all day, and we provided coffee and stickers for students! 
This is a photo from the first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year! We had close to 120 students who came together worshipping God, then to hear a sermon from Sarah one of the campus pastors! It was such a neat thing to see and be apart of. 

Here are two of our corefas Alisa and Lizzy
who helped with tabling! 

Exciting Moments 

My sweetie bestie girl Hailey got baptized! It was just so exciting and I am so proud of her! 

We invited a bunch of students from FOCUS to Arlington Central Church and hosted them for pizza after! It was so fun, and many new students got to experience a new church nearby the college! 

This is the leader team for my Tarrant County College Core SE! It is so exciting, we planted there last year and now we have a leader team there! SO SO EXCTING! 

This is Sarah and I from staff retreat, she is my supervisor again, and also just a dear friend! How beautiful is that sunset? 

Housekeeping things

If you are planning on giving monthly and haven't set that up please text me and we can work it out! 

Also over the summer we have been dealing with a situation with someone who stole some checks out of our mailbox, we have since set up a PO Box and are putting even more security in place. If you gave a check from May - July and believe it to be cashed, or think it was maybe stolen please message me so that we can talk through the solution so you can get that money back. All banks should be insured through the FDIC which should protect you in this case.  I do need you to contact me and I will be contacting you as well! Thank you so much! 

I am so grateful for all of you for partnering with me this year, and can't wait to keep you updated! 

Prayer Requests 

  • New students are connected into cores and find deep meaningful friendships 
  • Our campus pastors are able to meet and get to know all the new students 
  • Protection from any sicknesses and to stay healthy 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

August Ministry Updates

 Hi friends and family, I am so excited to be writing this months update. I have so many new and fun updates and some prayer requests to share with you all. It has been a pretty relaxed month, but God has continuously shown me his goodness in so many ways. 

Summer FOCUS 

Each Summer, we have all of campuses come together in Richardson at a church on Thursday Nights for a sermon, praise and worship, and then afterwards there is time for fellowship. It is such an exciting time and a highlight of my week for sure! The students of Arlington get to meet new students,  I get to catch up with friends at other campuses, and and then getting to worship together in our larger community that stretches across the DFW metroplex. Here is a video from worship a few weeks ago! 


One of my closest friends Caroline Valnes (now) got married! I met her my freshman year of college through FOCUS. I then had the honor to be one of her bridesmaids, almost 7 years later. 

Summer Orientations

This is one of our future CoreFa's McKendry! 
The students and our staff have been working UTA's transfer, freshman, and veteran orientations as a way to meet incoming students. We have met so many new students. Two girls are already coming to Summer FOCUS! I am so excited to meet even more! 

Arlington Central Church

Bowling Event 

These are just some of the women at ACC and I love all of them! I have been going to this church since moving to Arlington, it is apart of the family of churches that supports FOCUS. 

I have been offered the role of helping develop the children's ministry there and I am SO EXCITED. Those that know me and my background know this is right up my alley. If you could be praying for me as I help to develop the curriculum, and work alongside the parents.  

Fundraising Update 


This upcoming Sunday is our licensing ceremony. It is when our staff recommits to our students and to the church. You are all welcome to attend and hear the commitments we make and celebrate with us following! I attached the graphic with the address and the information, if you are out of state or out of town, but would like to attend it will be streamed starting at 6:00 PM at 

Also we have shirts for sale if anyone is interested in purchasing a FOCUS shirt! I have already ordered a berry, but will probably get both! You could match with me and all our college students. 

Prayer Requests

  • Our students return to school August 22, help pray that their first few weeks are smooth and successful 
  • Our welcome week events are fruitful and we get to have good conversations with students 
  • We have had a harder time booking rooms for TNF this year than normal, please pray we continue to have a good relationship with the campus and that the rooms we need open up! 
  • Pray that as August approaches that our staff can get fully fundraised 

February Updates

 Hi friends and family! Hope you are staying warm if you live in the DFW area as everything is covered with ice and snow. This past month wa...