Friday, September 2, 2022

September Ministry Updates


Welcome Week 

The first week back of school is called Mav Stampede! It is such an exciting time with meeting lots of students! We did tabling everyday, and gave away coffee, popsicles, and donuts! 

Here is Austin Maving Up on the first day of school which it rained all day, and we provided coffee and stickers for students! 
This is a photo from the first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year! We had close to 120 students who came together worshipping God, then to hear a sermon from Sarah one of the campus pastors! It was such a neat thing to see and be apart of. 

Here are two of our corefas Alisa and Lizzy
who helped with tabling! 

Exciting Moments 

My sweetie bestie girl Hailey got baptized! It was just so exciting and I am so proud of her! 

We invited a bunch of students from FOCUS to Arlington Central Church and hosted them for pizza after! It was so fun, and many new students got to experience a new church nearby the college! 

This is the leader team for my Tarrant County College Core SE! It is so exciting, we planted there last year and now we have a leader team there! SO SO EXCTING! 

This is Sarah and I from staff retreat, she is my supervisor again, and also just a dear friend! How beautiful is that sunset? 

Housekeeping things

If you are planning on giving monthly and haven't set that up please text me and we can work it out! 

Also over the summer we have been dealing with a situation with someone who stole some checks out of our mailbox, we have since set up a PO Box and are putting even more security in place. If you gave a check from May - July and believe it to be cashed, or think it was maybe stolen please message me so that we can talk through the solution so you can get that money back. All banks should be insured through the FDIC which should protect you in this case.  I do need you to contact me and I will be contacting you as well! Thank you so much! 

I am so grateful for all of you for partnering with me this year, and can't wait to keep you updated! 

Prayer Requests 

  • New students are connected into cores and find deep meaningful friendships 
  • Our campus pastors are able to meet and get to know all the new students 
  • Protection from any sicknesses and to stay healthy 

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