Thursday, July 7, 2022

July Ministry Updates

WOAH! How is it July already? This summer is flying by so quickly! Thank you guys so much for being on my support team and praying for me this summer. Summer is a bit more of a relaxing season. I have been getting to spend some time with my family, reading a new book, and working on my fundraising. I have been so thankful for the much slower pace at the moment. 

Slowing my Pace 

I have been working this summer on trying to have a slower pace, not have to be in control of so many things, and wanting to really have my life reflect who Jesus is in all my interactions. I have been going on many walks with God at this trail near my apartment. I have also been reading this book by John Mark Comer, who is an incredible author. He also wrote Live No Lies which is a great book, I would highly recommend.

Family Time

I was very lucky that I got to go to Montana this month and spend time with my dad! The main purpose was my BROTHER GOT MARRIED! It was such a fun ceremony, and reception. I also got to officiate the wedding which was so crazy to me that he even asked me. I felt so honored and so proud. I am so excited for him! 

Sweet Moments 

This summer I have been able to hang out with some of the girls that are still in town, which is why we have sweet Morgan sitting and trying to balance on my foam roller! 

At my church we celebrated Fathers Day and this is one of the dads! I love this family a lot and I just think this is so sweet 

I have also got to participate in some pre wedding fun with my sweet friend Caroline! She is marrying my friend Stian on July 17th so be praying for their wedding! 

Fundraising Update 

I wanted to thank everyone so much for continuing to partner with me in ministry this upcoming school year. You have been so generous with prayers, sharing posts on Facebook, and reaching out to other people that may be interested in college ministry. I am so grateful for each of you, I wanted to give a fundraising update and ask that you guys be praying for people to catch the vision of college ministry. I am currently looking for 13 more people to partner with me at 100 dollars a month. Anything is helpful whether $5 a month or a one time donation. So if you know if of anyone who may be interested in hearing about what God is doing on the college campuses in Arlington, please send them my way! 

Prayer Requests 

  • Our staff fundraising right now 
  • Our students as they are in different areas
  • The students who we haven't met yet, but we will during welcome week 

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