Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Spooktacular Month at UTA

It has been such a fun time at UTA during the month of October and I am so grateful for each of you and the way you guys support me while I get to meet with college students, and learn more about Jesus. It is such a cool thing and if you ask anyone lately the words that just keep pouring out of my mouth are "I can't believe this my job" or  "this is just such a blessing". I really am just so thankful that God provides us with these opportunities. Sooo let me tell you what we have been up to this month! 


Jacob, Stephanie, Jordy, Blake, Austin, Me, Rachael 

FOCUS is pioneering on some new campuses this year, one of those being Tarrant County College! This is a community college and it has multiple campuses. We are starting at Northwest and Southeast. Austin Gage a fellow pastor and I are helping to start up at Southeast. These are some of the people we have met this year who have joined a core and are part of meeting weekly to learn more about Jesus, and help us with pioneering at TCC! One the right that is a few of them at the UTA Halloween Party!

Class Update                                                                                  

   This is Mandy's class which is called Maturing with Mandy, and it is really fun! We go over different leadership habitudes and spiritual disciplines. We have been learning more about silence and resting with God. I have found that to be very helpful as I typically tend to be someone who values business, but just learning more about how to value rest has been so good.

Some other apprentices and Mandy pictured 
Me, Emily, Cole
Taylor, Becca, Mandy, Matt, and Lailah

Fun At UTA 

Emily, Sarah, Me

This past week we got to put on a Halloween party, and our staff dressed up as Toy Story as you can tell!  Comment which costume was your favorite! Then in core two sweet gals that I get to study the bible with had birthdays just a couple days apart from each other! So we got to have little Bundt cakes and celebrate with each other. It was so sweet to have a mini party and show love to these girls. 

Keep FOCUS Growing 

So as many of you guys are aware, our pastors raise support, but it takes so much more than that for us to do ministry! There is outreach supplies and activities, administrative support, we are currently planting new campuses like TCC, and then also health and retirement benefits! So we are kicking off our Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser. This is an annual fundraiser that is focused on being around for the long haul and expanding our reach as a ministry. Some of our generous donors have banded together and agree to match up to $50,000 in total donations during this campaign! So if we receive a total of $50,000, they will donate an additional $50,000! If you are thinking about giving the first day to do that will be November 30th! This is also known as giving Tuesday! The best way to give will be through Facebook, and the various KFG fundraisers that we will be sharing, also a check with KFG in the memo button, or you could give a one time donation to anyfocus.churchcenter.com (where you set up recurring giving) and there is an option for Keep FOCUS growing 2021! Thank you guys so much for already being so generous in supporting me as a pastor, and thinking through this additional opportunity! 

Prayer Requests 

  1. My sweet co-fa who I get to lead core with at UTA had her appendix removed a few weeks ago and is still recovering, so if you could be praying for her! 
  2. As the season is changing we are noticing some seasonal depression and anxiety, so if you could be praying for mental health among out community 
  3. Then just if you could continually be praying for the girls in my core, and that they become friends. I can already see God moving in their hearts towards one another, so all the prayer for friendship will be so good! 

Student Testimony 

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