Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Start of the Year

 Hi friends, thank you so much for joining in with me this year! 

    It is so crazy to think that the school year is almost about to begin! I am so grateful for everyone's generosity and how much you guys believe in me and also what God is doing on the University of Texas at Arlington Campus! I think it is going to be such a fun year. We just got back from staff retreat and are getting ready to head out to go to a student leadership conference. I think it is going to be such a fun exciting time for our students! I can't wait to see how God gets to use that time to shape them and also grow us into being better friends. 

Back Row: Jalen, Graham, Austin, Me 
Front Row: Emily T, Sophie, Taylor, Emily M, Sarah

  This is the Arlington Staff, I am super excited to get to work alongside them this year! They are so funny, compassionate, and really just have a heart for God's people. We got to share our different stories at staff retreat, play games, hang out, and I just am so excited to be joining their team!

The Arlington Apprentices 
Left to Right 
Sophie, Emily, Graham, Me
I get to also have a sweet relationship with my new roommates, two of which also get to do the apprenticeship alongside of me, and then one is a student who attends UTA. Here we are going to get cookies and do a cookie taste test and review, something that has become a weekly tradition.

One of the sweetest moments is our friend Juli who goes to UTA, she came over and our whole house cooked a meal together. It was so sweet and fun! We made breakfast for dinner, and then we sat down with Juli and we all ate together! It was just a sweet time to be together and also to get to know Juli more. 
Prayer Requests 
1. Praying for us to meet students and for our own personal anxieties regarding outreach to not be a hinderance 
2. UTA is also starting to branch out onto the TCC campus, so if you could be praying for our small groups that are starting over there. 
3. If you could also be praying for the other apprentices and myself as we are taking on our classes. The work load is heavy, but so exciting! So just keep us in your thoughts! 

I hope you guys can find some of this encouraging! I am getting super excited and encouraged as I get ready to start the school year! I think we are going to see God do some big things coming out of Covid! I can't wait to keep you guys updated! Stay tuned for more monthly ministry updates! Love you guys 

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